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Paper Star Full Color Creative Print 4pc Set

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Paper Star Full Color Creative Print 4pc Set

The beauty of sparkling stars against the canvas of night has always held a special allure for us. Their attractive brilliance has always inspired philosophers and artists over countless eras. Now, one company has made it possible to brighten your home with this nocturnal majesty. Each star is printed, punches and glued by hand. This handmade production makes each star unique.

Fun Colors paper star lantern is a printed lantern, these colorful little lanterns are fun and interesting. Best decorations for childrens' room and party area to lighten up the venue and creates that fun-filling environment.

> (approx) 20" from point to point

> This listing is for 4 Paper Star Lantern as advertised.
> This 4 lanterns come with a Packaging with installation instruction.
> This listing comes with 4 different designs as a set. You will get, the Blue Garden, Wonderland, Butterfly Effect & Happy Confetti.
> This product does not comes with light bulb or cable, please purchase from the local electrical store.
> Max Bulb Rating is 40W (E14/E12), Globe, candle or energy saver light blub can be use for this lamp shade.


Burn-proof tested long hours with 40W light bulb and energy saving light bulb. Punched holes all over lanerns which release heat generated from the bulb.

All natural and high quality materials with years of experienced craftmanship.

Constantly new colors, patterns and collection. Interesting designs to suit today's trends

environmentally-concious material and manufacturing process.

> If you like us to customize this design, for example : add more colors or resize to fit wall space, please send us an email for a quote:


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Putting up the decals never been so easy with Designer Playground decals. All you need is an extra pair of helping hands and a happy vibes ^_^

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