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About Us

Born with passion in art and design, we are Ann & Ron. Ann started young in designing, she always love to draw and explore new materials and technique in art and design. Ron inherited a creative brain, with endless ideas and inspirations for our business and products. We started our first design studio in the year 2005, working full time as graphic designers and business owners of our own products. While helping our clients to promote their business and marketing, we work together constantly to develope new designs and products for local markets. We like product designs because we simply love design and love creative products.

Venturing into Wall Decals

Since we have created many graphic works for ad campaign and environmental graphics throughout the year, we found that wall decal is one of a cool idea to easily transform a wall and the mood of a space. So we get on our ready equipment and kick start this product in the market in the year 2008. Our designs got a good response and soon became popular in the world of wall decals. We are now a professional wall decal designer and maker that helps our customers to transform their wall into interesting peice of art.

We are into creative products

Design keep us moving and keep us creative, in this site you will find our own designed products. We will be adding more and more creative products in the future to keep our customer coming back for more. If you have an idea, send us an email, we welcome passionate designers or retailers whom interested in getting their ideas turning into real products or reselling our products. We are able to custom create and supply wholesale wall decals for intereted retailers too.

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