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I receive my Designer Playground wall decals with some dents and creases what should I do?

Don't panic, Designer Playground® Wall art products are made from high quality, non easily fade, flexible vinyl. It is reasonable to expect to receive it with some dents and or perhaps some creases caused during packaging and shipping. But rest assured, due to the vinyl flexibility quality of the material and inherent nature of the elasticity of vinyl all creases and dents only temporary. Once it has been released from the backing sheet and transfer tape, the material will smooth out by itself within hours once in position on wall.

Due to the rolling and unrolling from packaging, can it be also expected to seem a little "loose" or "bulging" and not sitcking to the backing paper when it arrives on. Rest-assured - this is normal! It is designed and intended to be that way, and once you place it on your wall you will be very pleasently surprise to see how well and easy it sticks to wall.

I have Newly Painted Walls, how long should I wait to put up Designer Playground Wall Decal?

Freshly painted walls shoud be completely dry before applying the product. Wall decals requires to wait at least 60 days after painting before you apply to the newly painted wall. Even thought the paint will feel dry to the touch soon after it's painted, it is still wet and will react with the decal adhesive making the edges of the decals not stick properly. Drying time depends on the environment, the time of year, the number of layers of paint and the paint brand used.

How to apply Wall Decals?

Application is a simple 4-step process of cut to separate, peel, place and then smooth it with a towel. After the decals are placed into position on the wall, we may suggest to use sturdy object like a credit card, and firmly apply pressure on it smoothing back and forth over the entire decal to firmly press it in place. Please note that plastic card squeezy is not suitable for use on decals that applied on texture wall, because it will damage the decal. Detail installation comes with your decal set so please read through and understand the decals before you start to install.

Can Designer Playground Wall Decals stick to texture wall?

Our decals are tested and can work on normal smooth or slightly texture wall. If you are not sure whether your wall is suitable for decals, please feel free to contact us for assistance at It is very important to contact us in advance if you have medium to heavily textured walls because we cannot refund a transaction if the decal does not adhere to your wall. You can send over your wall photo for advise or request for samples to test on your wall before you order.

Is Designer Playground Wall Decals removable and reusable?

If you rent an apartment and wish to decarote but not wanting to damage the wall, you can get Designer Playground Wall Decals. It is removable and will not damage the wall if you follow the decal removal process that comes with your order. However the decal is not reusable, once removed it cannot be reuse.

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