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Fragrance for Scenting Pot Diffuser

Fragrance for Scenting Pot Diffuser

Naturalist Fragrance is a perfect match for Scenting Pot Diffuser. A 60ml refill can fill a 8~12 sqm room with pleasant smell.

Find out more about our Environmental Friendly Design Excellent Award winning Scenting Pot Diffuser HERE.

> 60 ml. 2 fl oz


> White Jasmine

> Moroccan Rose

> Lavender

> Aqua Marine

> Blossom Frangipani

> Passion Fruit

> Peachy Passion

> Tropical Waterfall

> Gardenia Lily

> Citrus Blossom

> Peony Sweet

> Eucalyptus Mint

> Lemon grass

> Ingredients: fragrance oil, solvent, aqua

> If you have any questions regarding this product, please send us an email:


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Putting up the decals never been so easy with Designer Playground decals. All you need is an extra pair of helping hands and a happy vibes ^_^

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