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Polar Arctic Baby

Polar Arctic Baby

Polar arctic wall decal, perfect match for the cotton tale polar arctic baby bedding set. Bring this cool arctic theme to the room to roll away from the ordinary room theme. Perfect for baby / kids room, home and office.

> (whole visual approx) 98"w x 40"h

> 2 Polar bears
> 3 penguins
> fishes
> 2 whales
> iceberg
> ice sheets
> waves

> This design comes in 3 colors option, if you need to change the colors, please specify which color you like to replace in the color request text area provided.

> If you like us to customize this design, for example : add more colors or resize to fit wall space, please send us an email for a quote:

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Putting up the decals never been so easy with Designer Playground decals. All you need is an extra pair of helping hands and a happy vibes ^_^

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  • Model: D1038

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