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Space Journey

Space Journey

Amazing Space theme. Perfect for nursery, kids playroom. 

> (whole visual approx) 160"w x 96"h

> Rocket Ship
> Sun
> Aliens
> Astrounaut
> Planets
> Earth
> Comets
> Stars
> Alien space ship
> Custom Name on Flag

> This design comes in 6 colors option, if you need to change the colors, please specify which color you like to replace in the color request text area provided.
> You can choose to order this design in the direction as shown or in REVERSE.

> If you like us to customize this design, for example : add more colors or resize to fit wall space, please send us an email for a quote:

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Putting up the decals never been so easy with Designer Playground decals. All you need is an extra pair of helping hands and a happy vibes ^_^

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  • Model: W056

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