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Here you are being at the popular site with huge collection of kids room decor. Grab some wall decor sticker or some called it wall art sticker to finish your kids playroom or your child's nursery. Wall art stickers are a must for decorating a room's wall since it's much easier to manage and change when your child grows older. We have the signature Spiderman wall decals and batman wall decals that are all boys favourite. We are the biggest online shop for Dr. Seuss cartoon wall arts at a very affordable price, all Dr. Seuss characters for both boys and girls are available here.  

Besides removable wall decals, we do offer fabric wall decals that can be used and reuse again and again, as many times as you wish! Fabric wall decals are a miracle for wall art for its highly interactivity for a child with his/ her wall art decals. Say they have a transportation decals set, they can move things around, rebuilding, re-layout and play with the wall decals, it's not restricted to only decoration on wall but to ignite imagination and play, this is the wonder of fabric wall decals! grab one today! Feel free to contact us to check for offers and deals!

Dinosaur world, an adventurous scene which witll drive your kids imagination wild! All dinos are separated, just place the anywhere you like. Let your children interact with the dinos, let their imagination flow!   [ STANDARD SIZE ] > (whole scene approx) 170"w x 108"h [ WHATS..
Little boy on a tyre swing under a tree, puppies are his company! Suitable for use to decorate kids room or make use of the large silhouette piece and start doodling with chalks or chalk ink pens! We have another set called Little Girl Swinging undet Tree for girls room. Check it out HERE,..
Loose butterflies, decorate your wall or laptop, furniture or glass window, even on car.  [ STANDARD SIZE ] > (whole visual approx) 35"w x 52"h [ WHATS INCLUDED ] > 13 Butterflies [ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ] > This design comes in 3 colors option [ CUSTOM ..
Mark your map for next destination. Leave your footprint, write your memories on the map with dry erase marker or chalk ink pen.  [ STANDARD SIZE ] > (whole visual approx) 47"w x 20"h [ WHATS INCLUDED ] > 1 pixelated world map > 15 hearts > 32 crosses [ ADDITI..
Polar arctic wall decal, perfect match for the cotton tale polar arctic baby bedding set. Bring this cool arctic theme to the room to roll away from the ordinary room theme. Perfect for baby / kids room, home and office. [ STANDARD SIZE ] > (whole visual approx) 98"w x 40"h [ WHATS ..
Loose butterflies, decorate your wall or laptop, furniture or glass window, even on car.  [ STANDARD SIZE ] > (whole visual approx) 18"w x 36"h [ WHATS INCLUDED ] > 15 Butterflies [ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ] > This design comes in 1 color option [ CUSTOM R..
The strong visual movement of the leaves create a visual impact while bringing life to interior as if there is wind blowing...  The leaves come separated, compose it as you wish! [ STANDARD SIZE ] > (whole scene approx) 132"w x 94"h [ WHATS INCLUDED ] > 1 tree & branch..
Extremely large and impressive. You can hang photo frame to this tree to make a family tree! [ STANDARD SIZE ] > ( tree size approx) 144"w x 90"h [ WHATS INCLUDED ] > tree and branches > leaves > birds [ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ] > This design comes in 4 colors ..
This all time favourite monkey tree is too cute, Perfect for baby / kids room. We have a complete collection of this cute monkey themed decals that can be order together to complete a room full of monkeys! Just send us an email. [ STANDARD SIZE ] > (whole visual approx) 68"w x 96"h ..
Matches the Pottery Barn Kids Brooke Bedding, this flower and dots tree comes with your child's name. Perfect for nursery, bedroom and playroom. [ STANDARD SIZE ] > (big tree approx) 45"w x 80"h > (small tree approx) 20"w x 37"h > (name approx) 14"h with proportional width [..
It's a sunny day, cute and funny monkeys playing on the field, ride on hot air balloon for a view. All animals, tree and branch come spearated, you can place them on the other wall as your wish! [ SIZE ] > ( whole scene approx ) 152"w x 68"h [ WHATS INCLUDED ] > 6 monkeys > ..
Doodle away on this sandiwch board that comes with a lovely owl, you can place him anywhere you like. Make your wall a fun place for your kids to explore and draw with creativity. This smart message board is suitable for your home and office, good for wriring messages, shopping list, menu, reminders..
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